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  • Restoring riparian zone along the upper Campaspe River;
    Protect and rehabilitate the Campaspe River and its immediate environs.  Removing willows, gorse and blackberry from the river and river banks.
  • Creating biolinks through the district;
    ALG has, as one of its Action Plan items, the creation of a network of biolinks comprised of indigenous vegetation appropriate to the terrain and soil type throughout the ALG district.   These networks of biolinks are aimed at conserving biodiversity by reversing some of the damage caused since European settlement of the area.  The biolinks are intended to provide distributed habitat for plant and animal species with particular emphasis on threatened or endangered species.
  • Eliminating destructive woody weeds, e.g. gorse, blackberry, hawthorn, willow;
    ALG is committed to controlling gorse and woody weeds on roadsides, private and public land areas within the project areas with follow up as required and develop a network of government agencies, local government and private landowners committed to and controlling gorse on their land.
  • Native Garden Interest Groups is an informal group where we want to learn from each other to create gardens that are friendly to native bees and birds.  We are united in trying to learn more and to enjoy each others company.  
  • Native flora and fauna;Understand more about the needs of the area’s flora and fauna and how we can assist them to persist and flourish with an emphasis on protecting existing natural corridors (biolink connections) and, where appropriate, developing new ones.  To support this we are starting a group for people who are interested in Native Gardens.




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